Jesus Was a rider 11/09/2017 Jesus was a rider "Skatepark numérique" Skatepark numérique Pierres numériques / Installation Création originale de Paradigme & Organ skateboards Au commencement, Organ Skateboards créa une rampe, [...]
Totemystic 2016 23/09/2016 Totemystic 2016 Totem Production Scène underground : .Sceno : La Goache Family .Totem Sculpting / ironing : lead artist  Pierre Philix / Mauricien Mulatier .Sound System [...]
Kavinsky Scénographie 24/09/2016 Original creation made for Kavinsky DJ set in Pont-à-mousson for the festival "Des notes et des toiles"    
Quanta by Jérémie Cotta 01/10/2016 Quanta The whole world around us is nothing more than all of the experiences we have. Without them, the outside world has no meaning. Any matter relating to the outside world that is [...]
Les Gueules noires la nuit des Hommes édition 2015/2016 31/08/2016 Les Gueules noires la nuit des Hommes édition 2015/2016 Le plus grand spectacle vivant qui retrace l’extraordinaire épopée du charbon. Revivez 160 ans d’histoire et découvrez l’histoire de notre [...]
Performance visuelle Live @ Place Stanislas Nancy 18/06/2016 Live Visual session VJ Diez (Cédric Bachorz) & Bombaklak (Jérémie Cotta) June 18, 2016, after the launch, at 22:45, the new video projection show RENDEZ VOUS PLACE STANISLAS, extend your evening [...]
Scénographie Orchestre National de Lorraine 26/06/2015 Scenography / video mapping
Historial Jeanne d’Arc 28/03/2015 historial joan of Arc The largest facility dedicated to Joan of Arc opens Saturday, March 21 in Rouen. Directed by Métropole Rouen Normandie close [...]
Figuré 2.0 09/12/2014 Figuré 2.0 Paradigme has created an interactive scenography  for a evant at TCRM-BLIDA. Figuré 2.0 This performance  generate a video-mapping in real [...]
Installation interactive « Onde Synethésique » 28/11/2014 Onde synesthésique « Onde synesthésique » in homage to the christmas balls 2014  « Mix » of CIAV / Centre International d’Art Verrier / Meisenthal and [...]
Figuré « Sculpture augmentée » 28/06/2014 Figuré "augmented sculpture" Augmented sculpture : design by Cédric Bachorz / Sound design Yannick et Cédric Niedzielski. Captation & Report : Fensch Toast [...]
Kernel Theater 26/09/2014 Symphonic Concert & Visual Mapping Inside the beautiful scenery of Villa Tittoni, took place the first symphonic concert where Beethoven’s visionary compositions came to life, [...]
the ButtCanFly Effect / Beat Paradox 5 / Mapping vidéo 13/09/2014 Scenography Beat Paradox # 5 Design and Mapping video directed by Diez afor the party : Beat Paradox # 5 at TOTEM
« Ref:U+262F » interactive installation 17/05/2014 « Ref:U+262F » A mysterious monolith ran aground the 17 may 2014 in the warehouse TCRM Blida. Discovered during the event: Nuit des [...]
ASP Live 3D stereoscopique 04/10/2013 ASP Live 3D stereoscopique coming soon..
Regénérescence / Place Stanislas Nancy / Fr 04/05/2013 Regénérescence Coming soon
Son & Lumière : les Gueules noires – édition 2013 et 2014 22/08/2014 GUEULES NOIRES "proud people" 2013 & at a crossroads 2014 This is an Exceptional and Unique Travel, a human adventure that combines multiple values​​: family, brotherhood and generosity. This is [...]
Festival Sonic Visions 2012 / Rockhal / Luxembourg 23/11/2012 Interactive installation "PARATOMIC" Interactive audio-visual installation done for Festival SONIC VISIONS (Rockhall_Luxembourg)
Musiques volantes # 17 / Trinitaires / Metz / France 16/11/2012 Interactive installation "PARACLOUD" Partner since three years for the festival « Musique Volantes, Paradigme created a intercative »cloud » . The result an Audio visual installation [...]
« Huacas’Tree »…. Organic & interactive Mapping 28/07/2012 « Huacas’Tree »…. Organic & interactive Mapping For the Incas, there are hundreds of sacred places that are home to spirits. These places called Huacas can take [...]
HydrO² video mapping 20/03/2012 HydrO² video mapping Performance done for Festival international de las artes 2012 (Costa Rica)
club-best-of-bo-france-mapping-360-270-oeuvre-augmente-eclosion-28 04/02/2012 Eclosion - Oeuvre Augmentée Une éclosion est un instantané difficile à saisir. Pourtant le club « le Best of » vous invite à venir [...]
installation-audio-visuelle-recreation-Octobre-2011-Parking-Mazelle-Metz-26 01/10/2011 « Recreation » – Nuit Blanche Metz Metz is a huge and impressive playground! For that 4th edition of Nuit Blanche Metz event (France), Paradigme carries you [...]
musique-volante-16-2011-performance-mapping-video-trinitaires-metz-bombaklak-27 11/11/2011 Musiques Volantes #16 Festival For the 16th edition of Musiques Volantes: a well-known event for wordwide sounds lovers Paradigme in partnership with the festival [...]
mapping-dome-geodesique-beat-paradox-juin-2011-25 18/06/2011 Mapping Video Performance – TOTEM A 360° video mapping on a geodesic dome during the Beat Paradox2 party at the Totem in France. Construction: Hertz [...]
mapping-video-italie-kernel-festival-2011-24 01/07/2011 Video mapping performance – Kernel Festival Paradigme presented a video mapping performance on the front of Villa Tittoni during the Kernel Festival in Desio, Italy. The [...]
mapping-scenographie-laurent-garnier-21 12/05/2011 Live Booth Session - Laurent Garnier scenographie 2th May 2011 L’Autre Canal/Nancy/France Needless to introduce this huge pillar of worldwide electronical stages! Beside and between BenjaminRippert and [...]
festival-contrast-metz-2001-20 12/04/2011 Contrast digital arts festival – Les Trinitaires Warning! It was the co-operative model after festival proposing a large panel of artistic activities: - Everyone was invited to [...]
mediatheque-metz-residence-creation-numerique-23 18/04/2011 Digital Creation – Multimedia Library - Corps à l’épreuve Paradigme presented Corps à l’épreuve for the new Multimedia Library inauguration/oppening in Metz (France). This performance mixed video mapping and [...]
scenographie-l-autre-canal-2-ans-17 19/03/2011 L'Autre Canal Birthday party scenography Worthy of a SF film, that scenography turned the venue upside down like a digital pirate vessel! The hall was [...]
scenographie-electronic-invaders-avignon-2011 19/02/2011 Electronic Invaders Scenography This trompe l’oeil scenography is full of volumes. It has been realized for the Electonic Invaders event at Avignon (Fr) [...]
upcoming-ideas-voeux-2011-19 15/01/2011 Upcoming Ideas Paradigme co-operative wish you a digital happy new year 2011!!
live-car-custom-fiat-motorvillage-2011-15 20/12/2010 Live Car Custom Made by Bllank Society, this project suggested a real-time customization of bodywork. Diez presented his creation at the Show Room [...]
musiques-volantes-2011-scenographie-12 12/11/2010 Musiques Volantes #15 Festival An atypical meeting between Hama Le Castor Production and Paradigme for the 15th edition of Musiques Volantes: a well-known event [...]
Scénographie Opéra philharmonique du Luxembourg 22/10/2010 Philamornic Opera Ornemental Projection Original, sober and uncluttered atmosphere shown during a business meeting.
nuit-blanche-vertuel-spectacle-09 01/10/2010 Vertuel – Nuit Blanche Metz In the heart of Metz city, a secret venue has been taken hostage by Paradigme members. As a real architectural [...]
reflet-mur-d-eau-nuit-blanche-3-2011-08 01/10/2010 Reflet2 – Nuit Blanche Metz Warning! Be a part of the experience! Take your cell phone and express your thoughts by sending your text: it [...]
live-car-custom-mapping-video-voiture-07 05/06/2010 Live Car Custom This project suggested a real-time customization of bodywork. Made by Bllank in partnership Diez presented his creation in Domeau & [...]
scenographie-trinitaire-mapping-video-architecture-06 10/04/2010 One Year Scenography The most original customization in the yard of Les Trinitaires ever ! One Year celebrates the label Personne Records anniversary. [...]
castor-party-metz-mapping-plafond-05 26/03/2010 Castor Party scenographie Into a building stairwell, this digital ceiling fixture is a real raised sculpture. Made by Hama Le Castor Production from [...]
festival-un-autre-monde-2010-bretagne-04 13/02/2010 Un Autre monde Act 2 Diez specially realized a video mapping performance during Un autre monde Act 2 party, which was coordinated by the well-known [...]
no futur paris mapping post it 11 05/12/2009 No Futur Scenography Initially prepared on a post-it wall, the video performance was shown in live adterwards. It has been made for a [...]
nuit-blanche-2-metz-scenographie-arsenal-03 02/10/2009 Interaction interactive Nuit Blanche Cette végétation luxuriante recouvrant le plafond du grand hall de l’Arsenal réagissait aux sons émis par le public. Elle a [...]
mapping-video-totem-22 06/2009 Moulting Fridge After a 2 days residence, a video live performance was created on the occasion of Juste Pour Nous Festival at [...]
scenographie-asp-live-video-music-02 Depuis 2009 / Since 2009 Abstract Sound Project Scenography For 2 years, ASP and Diez project went up and down by european roads presenting a video mapping with electronical [...]