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4 octobre 2016

Quanta & Solenoids By Jérémie Cotta « Bombaklak »


Présentation Jérémie Cotta

Cotta Jérémie was born in 1978, and travelled around the world with his parents. After 6 Years of study in 3 Different Art schools and 2 Art degrees, he started to work with video as a medium. Artist from the AudioVisual Label AIE prod (2003 – 2013), and member of the Paradigme collective, he plays on immersive video installations and very personal colors. Technician who manufactures its own images, addict of Asian cinema, art, animation and motion graphics, his work is included in a contemporary context, always looking for new influences. Since 2003 he has performed in many places around the world, always looking for cultural exchange and inspiration.

Quanta : En exposition du 1er Octobre au 15 novembre au PZZL_Thionville

L’ensemble du monde qui nous entoure ne constitue rien d’autre que la totalité des expériences que nous en avons. Sans elles, le monde extérieur n’a aucune signification. Toute question s’y rapportant qui ne se fonde pas en quelque manière sur une expérience, une observation, est déclarée absurde et rejetée comme telle. Le but de ces sculptures est de proposer des pièces d’art qui permettent d’appréhender son environnement, de se questionner sur sa propre perception du réel, dépassant l’apparence sensible, fugace et changeante des choses, pour accéder au monde des idées, qui fonde tout ce qui existe dans le monde sensible, permettant la connaissance.

The whole world around us is nothing more than all of the experiences we have. Without them, the outside world has no meaning. Any matter relating to the outside world that is not based in any way on an experience, observation, is declared to be an absurd question and rejected as such. The purpose of thesesculptures is to offer pieces of art that are used to understand environment to question his own perception of reality, beyond the delicate appearance, fleeting and changeable things, to access the world of ideas, basedon all that exists in the sensible world, and enables knowledge.


En Exposition au PZZL_Thionville jusqu’au 15 novembre 2016



The series « Solenoids » is a series of sculptures based on a willingness to change the direct perception of our environment at different scales, the « Solenoids » are augmented sculptures (with video projection) nor far from a design object. Similar to an electric motor this sculptures need to be connected to an electrical outlet to evolve. Sort of a timeless object which confronts organic stiffness of geometric abstraction, it is a permanent game of contrasts, shapes, colors and spaces. Running such a cyclic machine that produces nothing more than its own existence. This duality of « organic object » without real meaning feel like the perception of our simple existence.

The wall sculptures are suspended in space by projecting a simple volume playing on our understanding ofperspectives. there are currently more than 250 modules ready for build. Each sculpture is part of a whole, but also has its own identity. I propose these pieces for exhibitions and other digital events.

Solenoids – Augmented sculptures from BomBaKlaK on Vimeo.


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